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LED Lighting

Environmentally-friendly solutions

If you are seeking an environmentally-friendly solution for your home or office call S2SE today.

Specialising in LED lights for the residential and commercial sector, we can help install, modify or repair all types of setups and bring brightness to any environment.

LED Lighting
LED Light
Combination Lighting

LED Lighting

Improve lighting in your household as we assist you with design, installation or repair of your LED lights. We can advise which set up will maintain the level of illumination you need. Whether you are interested in simple lamp replacement or full fittings, we can suggest the right fixtures, additions and setup so that you can gain a light system that works for you. New energy efficient LED lights are available to replace halogen down lights. There can be up to an 80% energy saving with LED lights.

For information on our energy efficient LED lights please contact us or call 0423 629 986.

Why use LED Lighting?

  • Cut the cost of high energy bills
  • Huge savings with maintenance costs
  • Longer average life expectancy  
  • Around 50,000 hours
  • Reduce insect activity outside your home
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%
  • Improve air-conditioning efficiency
  • Can be installed into most existing fittings
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